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Universal Roof Rack: Maggie Rack
Top Line’s Maggie Rack is a universal, one SKU multi-sport roof rack system that fits any vehicle: any car, any SUV and any van, regardless of year, make or model.
  • Platform for Top Line, Yakima® and Thule® roof accessories.
  • One model fits roof of any, SUV, van...any make, any model, any year.
  • Must be used with Top Line
    (Part# MR3720 Silver or MR3730 Black) Rail System.
  • Rail rotates in pods so that no matter what angle the pods are in, the rail is parallel to the ground.
  • Maggie Rack fits any vehicle roof, from a rounded compact to a flat, full-size vehicle.
  • Maggie Rack fits any vehicle roof from a Bug to a Hummer.
  • Maggie Rack can be installed on flat surfaces such as a camper shell, or rounded surfaces such as a VW Bug.
  • 48" Rails come in Black (Part #MR3730) and Silver (Part #MR3720).

Part #

MR3700 Maggie Rack 2 rail platform system - Silver (includes MR3710 & MR3720)
MR3750 Maggie Rack 2 rail platform system - Black (includes MR3710 & MR3730)
MR3710 Pod System
MR3720 48" Rail System (Silver)
MR3730 48" Rail System (Black)
Raised feet allow mounting pod to fit any roof.

Pods pivot with ball joints to allow full contact across the length of any roof, no matter how flat or round.

Rail rotates in pod so that, no matter what angle the pod is in, the track is parallel to the ground.
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