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Disappearing Roof Rack: Melrose Rack
Introducing the new Melrose Rack. This groundbreaking system actually disappears, leaving your rooftop clean and smooth.
  • Conventional roof racks are so difficult to install and remove, that you just leave them on.
  • Now your “close to zero drag” vehicle has a lot of drag and a lot
    of wind noise.
  • The Melrose Rack goes on in minutes, and when you’ve unloaded your “toys”, literally disappears.
  • The revolutionary system is based on four tiny pads (only 1/4” high) permanently fastened to the four corners of your, SUV, van, any vehicle....any make, any model, any year.
  • The cross bar towers snap onto these pads in seconds, and now you have the platform for hordes of accessories provided by Yakima®, Thule®, or TopLine, accessories that will carry bikes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, cargo baskets, etc.
  • One SKU covers every possible vehicle....truly universal.

Part #

ML2900 Melrose Rack

Melrose Rack works with both
round and rectangular load bars.
Can be mounted directly to Tonneau covers or truck caps. Can be mounted to curved roofs. Can be mounted to flat surfaces.

Mounting pad can be painted to match vehicle color .

Rack and attachments can be left intact.

Unlock with key, lift the release and the catch will disconnect from the pad.

The pad is the only part left, clean and aerodynamic.

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