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Universal Mini
Assist Ladder

  • A simple device that allows you to get up to your RV ladder safely.
  • Fits any ladder, any make, any model, any year,
    any vehicle.
  • Unique "Docking System".
  • Hooks on without the use of tools.
  • Easy on, easy off, 5 second installation and removal.
  • Simple, rugged construction.
  • Stores easily.



Legs adjust up and down, in and out for a custom fit.

The Mini-Assist Ladder is a simple device which mounts to any ladder and allows you to get up to the rooftop of your RV safely.

Part #

AL1900 Universal Mini Assist Ladder (for elliptical/flat step ladders)
AL1910 Universal Mini Assist Ladder,
(for round/square step ladders)
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