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Top Line’s New Universal Melrose Rack is the First Truly Disappearing Roof Rack System

Top Line Manufacturing, a leading supplier of RV, truck and bike accessories based in Paramount, CA., has introduced the new Melrose Rack. This groundbreaking system actually disappears, leaving your rooftop clean and smooth.
Have you driven around town recently and noticed a conventional rack system on one’s car without any bikes or kayaks on top? More than likely the answer is yes. That’s because conventional roof racks are so difficult to install and remove, that one just ends up leaving it on. Not only does your formerly “close to zero drag” vehicle now have a lot of drag and wind noise, you are actually getting worse gas mileage on the road with that bulky thing on your rooftop. The Melrose Rack goes on in minutes, and then when you’ve unloaded your toys, literally disappears in minutes.
You may ask yourself, how is this possible? Well, the engineering team at Top Line has created this revolutionary system comprised of four tiny pads (1/4” high) which permanently attach to the rooftop of any vehicle and four towers that snap onto the pads.
The towers will hold either a round or a square bar, meaning it’s completely compatible with Yakima or Thule products. Simply unlock with the provided key, lift the release on the tower, and the catch will disconnect from the attached pad. Your towers and crossbars go on and off in seconds, and you can leave your rack intact to hang in your garage so you can quickly mount it for your next adventure. With the rack removed, only the tiny pads are left, keeping your car looking like the car designer intended it to look...sleek and uncluttered.