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Fold Down Bed Expander

Top Line’s Fold-Down Bed Expander extends the bed of your truck by over 10 square feet, folds down to just five inches against the tailgate when not in use and will mount to any pickup truck tailgate. The unit does not attach to the truck bed and is the only extender that works with a truck cap or a tonneau cover. Four models fit any pick-up tailgate: any make, any model, any year. We have 4 sizes as follows: a Full-Size, a Mid-Size, a Compact-Size and a special Narrow-Bed Size. The Bed Expander folds down flat against the tailgate, virtually disappearing when the tailgate is folded up. The Bed Expander is comprised of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for complete corrosion protection. Top Line’s unit does not waste any cargo space when it’s not being used. The entire unit weighs less than 17 pounds and is easily removed to add cargo by simply pulling two release pins on either side of the stainless steel hardware. Available in anodized silver or powder-coated black.