Fold Down Bed Expander

Fold Down Bed Expander

TopLine’s Fold Down Bed Expander (Truck Bed Extender) extends the bed of your truck by over 10 square feet, folds down to just five inches against the tailgate when not in use and will mount to any pickup truck tailgate.

  • The Universal Fold Down Bed Expander has a telescoping design that allows it to fit any tailgate.
  • Mounts directly to tailgate, using stainless steel hardware.
  • Does not attach to truck bed, like competitive models.
  • Folds down flat on tailgate.
  • Anodized or powder coated aluminum construction to resist corrosion.
  • Disappears when tailgate is folded up.
  • Takes up only 5” of cargo space.
  • Entire unit weighs only 17 pounds and is easily removed with two release pins.
  • Comes fully assembled.

Key Features

  • Entire unit is easily removed with two release pins.
  • Works with tonneau covers and truck caps.
  • Takes up only 5” of cargo space.

Three Easy Steps to Expand Your Truck Bed

  • Open Tailgate
  • Lift Up
  • Fold out arms
Part #
BX4004-01 Anodized Satin Silver
BX4004-02 Powder Coated Black

Any Full-size, Mid-size, Compact, Super-Crew, Quad-Cab, Fleet-Side, Step-Side or SUT ever made.

Comparison Chart
No. of SKU’s (Silver) to cover all trucks 1 4
Time to assemble 0 minutes* 20 minutes
Space it takes in truck when not in use 5″ 24″
Time it takes to remove from truck 30 seconds 5 minutes
Works with tonneau covers or truck caps Yes No
* Comes Fully Assembled.
Installation Instructions
Read the Installation Instructions thoroughly prior to installation or use.